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Sharp rise in number of Irish tablet users: survey

Posted on: March 26th, 2014 by admin

eLearning Services comment

Interesting finding from latest Eircom Household Sentiment Survey as outlined in a recent RTE News article. It appears that the number of people using tablet computers to carry out their daily work has increased by 60% to 1.4 million users.

This is an interesting find as schools decide whether to embark on a mobile device (tablet computer) solution in the classroom. It seems that people are finding that tablet computers are aiding them in their daily lives to both work and play. Can the same be applied to the classroom?

We believe it can, please contact us to find out why.

Sharp rise in number of Irish tablet users: survey

The number of people using tablets in Ireland has rocketed by 60% in the last six months and now stands at 1.4 million, according to the latest Eircom Household Sentiment Survey.

The report also shows that almost two thirds of the population now own a smartphone – a 15% increase on a year earlier.

The bi-annual survey also found that eight out of every ten Irish adults own a portable internet enabled device, while over the past year the average number of online devices in the home has risen from three to four.

Young people continue to be the driving force behind portable computing, with the survey finding 16-24 year olds have access to an average of six potential online devices in the home.

The survey of 1,000 Irish people, which was carried out by Behaviour and Attitudes in February, also found that three quarters of people think that parents share too much information about their family online.

The new phenomenon, which has been dubbed “sharenting”, is perceived as boring for others by three out of every four of those surveyed.

However, just 5% think they are guilty of “sharenting”.

The survey also highlights the changing trends in social media us, with almost two thirds of 16-24 year olds here now using Snapchat, and a half using Twitter.

However Facebook use among 16-24 year olds is down 5% points to 89%.

Asked about the decline, a third said Facebook is no longer cool, a quarter said it used up too much of their time and a quarter disliked the level of advertising.

However, Facebook use among over 35s is growing, up 6% since the last survey in August.

15% of young people admitted being online practically every hour that they are awake, citing fear of missing out for their online addiction.

According to the survey, children as young as ten years old are having an influence on the use of technology in the home.

Children between the ages of five and 17 are informing parents about a range of technological purchases, from the brand and type of mobile phones their parents should buy for themselves, to the TV service provider and the type of broadband they should have in the home.

Eight out of every ten parents admit their children know more about technology than they do.

Other findings include that one in every four 25-35 year olds admitted to visiting an online dating site, while three in five commuters now uses digital devices when commuting.