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Open up a wealth of knowledge and engaging activity via our Android tablet that gives you the tools to collaborate with others while at the same time become self-directed in your learning, giving you some of the main attributes of the 21st Century workplace



eLearning Services has developed a 1:1 computing* solution for schools with you in mind. This scheme replaces your heavy text books and puts a state of the art Android touch screen Tablet PC in your hands. So what can our solution do for you?


Our tablet can make learning more interesting through:

The tablet's capabilities

Use interactive quizzes to aid revision of topics

  • Sourcing information on the tablet from websites for research to help create reports/essays
  • Using tutorials from websites to aid in the understand of topics being covered in the classroom
  • Learning from Applications (apps) via interactive graphics and audio
  • Utilising apps to aid with revision through fun and interactive quizzes
  • Collaborating and communicating through email, Google Hangouts and Skype with your colleagues and teachers
  • Using social media platforms like Google+, Facebook and Twitter can also be utilised to collaborate with peers
  • Creating word documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the tablet to increase your communication skills
  • Reading and using interactive ebooks that can make a traditional textbook page come to life
Please refer to our Educational Apps page for a guide to apps and websites which we feel may be of benefit to you in your work.

No more heavy school bags

  • All your textbooks are now in a small lightweight tablet device that fits in your hands
  • Consequently, the weight of your school bag will be greatly reduced, decreasing the load being carried on your back

Puts you a step ahead

Use tablet to create presentations

  • You will have the latest technology that puts you at the forefront of 21st century learning
  • You will have the most up to date information on subjects/topics that you are studying
  • The solution has the capability to give you the key attributes that employers are seeking in the workplace, such as, being self-directed, being able to work and collaborate within a team environment, being able to communicate efficiently with others, etc.
  • Your world will be open to endless possibilities


*1:1 computing is a term that is often used when describing the classroom of the 21st Century. A one to one computing environment simply means that each student and teacher in a classroom has a computer device to carry out their daily school work.


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The Tablet

The tablet

All the information you need to know about the latest Tablet device we are using

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Research Information

Chart 1

Chart compiled from data collected from a thesis - Weight of School Bags Dissertation by Michael Lynch, 2005