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With eLearning Services Android Tablet solution, teachers now have a platform to expand the learning environment in the classroom and have complete freedom to source and share resources with their students


Research has found that by using a one to one computing* platform students tend to become more engaged with what is happening in the classroom, please see chart below in Research Information.

The eLearning Services solution also brings learning benefits to the classroom and these benefits are obtained from the following sources:

These resources are explained in more details below.



Access the web from the tablet
Websites are a great way to source information about virtually any topic on any subject being taught. Consequently, as websites can be viewed on the tablet, this will allow relative content that is found on the internet to be integrated very easily into the classroom.
Students can also use websites as an additional resource to topics that are being taught in the classroom. For example, websites, such as, the Khan Academy can be of great benefit to students in the Maths, Science and Financial subjects both at home and at school.
Websites can be used to teach students to become self-directed i.e. a task can be set to allow the class to source their own information on a given topic, each student will have to direct/think for themselves on how/where to obtain the appropriate information. The exercise could also involve the students collaborating with each other to assemble the required research.


Use apps to aid learning
Applications or apps, are essentially computer programs that run on a tablet/PC. Please refer to our Educational Apps page for details on apps that may be applicable to your subject.
Apps, like websites, can be easily adopted into the classroom via the tablet PC. Apps can:
  • help make a subject more engaging by presenting information in a more interactive manner
  • be very useful in language subjects where both oral and aural aspects of the subject can be explored 
  • aid revision of subjects in a fun way via quizzes
  • be used to aid collaboration in the classroom

Infrastructure Software

Access to Drive from the tablet Google Apps for Education will form the backbone of the scheme. This platform is completely free from Google Inc. and it furnishes each school with free:

The platform is a great way to collaborate and share ideas and information from you, the teacher, to your students. All of the data created and shared is stored via Google Drive. For more information on Google Apps for Education, please click here.

eLearning Services will help each school with the set up of the Google Apps for Education platform and train key personnel on its use.


Interactive eBooks

Access eBooks from the tablet
The majority of the textbooks currently in use in the classroom have been transformed into interactive ebooks. The ebooks have much the same feel as their hard copy counterparts with the exception that most have elements, such as embedded audio and video, that can bring the ebooks to life and create a more interactive experience for the students.

We work with all of the leading educational ebook publishers to ensure that each of their ebooks function correctly on our Android tablets.




*One to one (1:1) computing is a term that is often used when describing the classroom of the 21st Century. A one to one computing environment simply means that each student and teacher in a classroom has a computer device to carry out their daily school work.

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"eLearning Services support and backup are second to none, they are very accommodating and easy to work with."

Keith McClearn, eBook Coordinator, Portlaoise College, Portlaoise

The Tablet

The tablet

All the information you need to know about the latest Tablet device we are using

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Google Apps for Education


Research Information

Chart #1

Figure 3 from Debell + Kay: 1:1 Computing: A summary of the Quantitative Results from the Berkshire Wireless Learning Initiative