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Android Tablet Solution

eLearning Services can aid schools with the expansion of tecnhology in the classroom by offering students and teachers Android tablet computers at a very competitive price. We aim to make the process as affordable as possible with no hidden costs.

There are two ways that eLearning Services can aid with the deployment of Android tablets at your school:
1. Via a group deployment through our School Package scheme, 
2. By individual purchases made by students/parents via our Shop through this website

eLearning Services School Package

The eLearning Services School Package is where a school, its students and their parents collectively agree to implement the rolling out of Android tablet computers to students attending the school. This is often called a one to one* initiative.
From very early in the process, we liaise with schools and parents to determine their requirements and guide them through the process of implementing the solution. Under our School Package, each student attending school receives an Android tablet from which they can carry out their daily school work. For example, the scheme could initially be rolled out to first year students and be further expanded from there.

The benefits of the School Package are:


Bringing Your Own Device to School

If your school is implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BOYD)** initiative then this is the place for you. In our Shop, you can purchase an Android tablet and all accompanying accessories that will more than meet your everyday school requirements. For example, our tablets are capable of running ebooks from all of the leading educational publishers in Ireland.
Please feel free to browse our Shop to see the fantastic offers we have on items, such as, protective cases, mobile security software, etc. that may aid you with your studies.
*One to one computing is a term that is often used when describing the classroom of the 21st Century. A one to one computing environment simply means that each student and teacher in a classroom has a computer device to carry out their daily school work.
** Bring Your Own Device is an initiative where students bring a device they own at home to school to use in their daily work. The device may have to meet certain criteria to be allowed into the school. The management and upkeep of the device is entirely the responsibility of the student/parent.

"eLearning Services support and backup are second to none, they are very accommodating and easy to work with."

Keith McClearn, eBook Coordinator, Portlaoise College, Portlaoise

The Tablet

The tablet

All the information you need to know about the latest Tablet device we are using

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